1. 2 years ago 
    "Even though it seems I have everything, I don’t wanna be a lonely fool."
    - Incomplete - Sisqo
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  3. 4 years ago 


    gp bukas. >:)

    Seh seh! Alam na! :D

    Ask me anything! >:) ;))

  4. 4 years ago 


    haha hi dude!! are you still in CSE or at shift na? good luck dude!

    I’m still in CSE but I’m trying to shift this term! :D thanks!

    nagmmodel b ang gf mo? parang nkta ko na ung face nya…may kambal b? >:)

    Yes, she does some modeling! Really? Famous na pala siya! Haha! =)) Wala siyang kambal! :))

    who’s your most loyal friend? isa lang ah.

    Eunice! :D She’s much more than that! ;))

    What’s your biggest regret?:>

    Being stupid. :| :))

    what friend do you want to get back in touch with?

    my SR friends! :D Basket, Soccer buddies~! :P

    What’s the worst lie you ever told?:) i wanna know:)

    That I was gonna be okay even without her :|

    What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

    Be happy with what you have but don’t be complacent din.

    Ask me anything! >:) ;))

  5. 4 years ago 


    nagjujuts ka ba party boy?? :)

    Juts amp! Kapag nasa party, it’s all alcohol! >:) Masfun yun kesa maging high!

    Ask me anything! >:) ;))

  6. 4 years ago 


    what are you doing?

    I’m checking out the new Stabilo pens my dad bought me! Intense!! :))

    Ask me anything! >:) ;))

  7. 4 years ago 


    secret :)

    Seh seh, be that way! panay secret na lang!

    Ask me anything! >:) ;))

  8. 4 years ago 


    can you be my bestfriend?:)

    Yeah? sure, why not? sino toh? :))

    Ask me anything! >:) ;))

  9. 4 years ago 


    inom tayo sa GP this thursday?

    Sino kasi toh? Depende magsundo pa yata ako sa airport eh! Mamaya lasing ako magsundo! :))

    Ask me anything! >:) ;))

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    why are you crazy?

    I’m always crazy! I live life to the fullest! Para san pa kung mahihiya ka lang diba? Sayang bonding time! =))

    Ask me anything! >:) ;))

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